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Tangerine butter salad

Tangerine butter salad with ripe yellow tangerine citrus, apricot juice mixed with slices of rich butter-scented butter, cool crispy lettuce and a very good mixture of vinegar oil. Add to your diet menu with this delicious vegetable salad!


Frog curry with pepper

Frog curry - a typical dish of Thai cuisine with a spicy and greasy taste. To suit the taste of the Vietnamese, this recipe has changed chili powder into green pepper, modified with a little of fried potatoes and taro, both delicious and warm, very Vietnamese. This will be a great dish when eaten hot in the rainy season when the weather turns cold. Find out how to make a curry frog with pepper through the recipe below!


Crispy fried Capelin with tamarind sauce

Crispy fried Capelin with tamarind sauce is a delicious and indispensable dish on the drinking tables or in family gatherings. The ingredients and method are very simple, so do not hesitate to enter the kitchen talent show. The dish of fried Capelin with tamarind sauce attracts diners by the delicious crispy fat of the Capelin, served with tamarind sauce, sweet and sour.


Shrimp with fresh coconut water

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