Minced pork 250 Gr
Pork liver 500 Gr
Pork fat 100 Gr
Fresh milk without sugar 300 ml
Onion 5 Bulbs
Garlic 1 Root
Pepper 1 tablespoons
Fish sauce 1 tablespoons
MSG 1 tablespoons
Five spice powder 1 tablespoons
White sugar 1 tablespoons
1 Loaf Bread
If you really like to eat patê but you're afraid to buy from the unhygienic goods, this is the way you should try it once! The Patê pork liver served with sandwiches every morning is delicious.


1.Ingredients include: 500gr of pork liver, 250 pork, 100gr of pork fat, 1 loaf of bread, 400ml of unsweetened fresh milk, 5 red onions, 1 garlic, pepper, delicious fish sauce, five flavors, sugar and flour sweet.
2.Pork liver bought, washed, removed tendons and cut small pomegranate seeds with the tip of your finger and then soaked with 200ml of fresh milk for 40 minutes. After soaking, pour the milk away and wash again with clean water. Soak the liver with fresh milk to detoxify the liver and fishy smell and also helps the taste better.
3.Pork and lard are washed and then diced like pomegranate and marinated with fish sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, pepper and five spice flavors.
4.Tear the bread and soak it with 100ml of fresh milk or just cover the surface Soup for bread just soft is picked out, do not let the bread long will be mushy.
5.Heat a pan and a tablespoon of cooking oil. Add the onions, finely chopped garlic, add meat, fat, liver and bread and stir-fry about 80%, stir-frying and seasoning to taste again.
6.Put the stir-fry mixture about 80% into the blender until you see the smooth mixture (fineness depends on your preference).
7.Apply a layer of cooking oil to the mold and put the finely ground mixture into the water and bake in the oven at a temperature of 170 degrees for 45-60 minutes (depending on the oven) Be careful to cover the face with a foil or a plate so that the pate won't burn your face when baking in a water-proof oven. For those who do not have an oven, bring steamed water with medium heat for about 45-50 minutes.
8.After baking, wait for the pate to cool completely, then remove from the mold and store in the refrigerator. Pate in refrigerator can be used for 3-4 days.

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