10 gram galangal root
4 fresh citronella
turmeric powder
fresh rice
1 Chili
1/2 dried garlic
1 fresh lemon
1 kg fresh vermicelli
200 gram spring rolls
snakehead: 1 fish weighs about 1kg, choosing snakehead naturally is the best because the meat is sweet and fragrant than snakehead fish cage
Served vegetables: pineapple, cucumber, carrot, green banana, raw vegetable, laksa leaves, dill (the amount of vegetables is more or less depending on your needs)
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1.Galangal shaved, washed, sliced thin.
2.Citronella peel off the old crust, cut off the old root and leaves, only take the young roots in the middle, bring clean. Cut into small pieces and put lemongrass into a small blender with galangal, 1 teaspoon batch, 1 teaspoon seasoning seeds, 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon turmeric powder.
3.Snakehead fish is bought to clean, remove scales, remove gills, use salt to rub all over the body of the fish to get rid of the oil and remove the fishy odor, then wash again with water. Use a slotting knife 2-3 lines on the fish body to look better and absorb the seasoning when marinated. Use a paper towel to dry the fish thoroughly and bring them to season.
4. Take the galangal - finely blended mixture all over the fish. In this step, you should wear gloves to marinate by hand to spice the fish. Finally, put the fish on a piece of foil, wrap the fish tightly and store in the refrigerator for about 90 Minutes.
5.Pineapple peels clean, cut eyes, sliced thin and long.
6.Green bananas are stripped of their outer skin, soaked in salt water to prevent them from browning and then slicing thinly and long.
7.Carrots peeled, washed, sliced thin, long to taste.
8.Cucumber washed, sliced thinly.
9.Aromatic herbs, raw vegetables you pick the root, soaked in salt water and then picked out, drain. Particularly, washed, drained and then chopped.
10.Chili washed, dropped seeds, chopped.
11.Dried garlic, crushed, minced.
12.While marinating fish, you enlist the time to make the sauce: Add the chopped chili, minced garlic into the bowl with 2 tablespoons of delicious fish sauce, a little white sugar, MSG, fresh lemon juice and stir well. Finally, you add the chopped dill vegetables and stir well to have a cup of delicious fish sauce to dot grilled fish.
13.You put the fish in the oven at a temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius for about half an hour. Then, turn off the oven, take the fish out, open the foil, and use a brush to spread a thin layer of cooking oil all over the fish, doing so to prevent the fish from drying out during baking.
14.After spreading the oil, wrap the foil tightly and place the fish in the grill for another 10 minutes so that the meat becomes firm and has an attractive yellow color.
15.You put pineapple, carrots, cucumbers, green bananas on a plate; Put raw vegetables on another plate. Put fresh noodles on a plate.
16.Display vermicelli, vegetables, rice paper beside grilled fish and a cup of sauce, open the foil and enjoy.

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